Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets Rental in Edmonton, AB

Functional bathrooms are essential, whether you’re managing a construction site or hosting an outdoor festival. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. is here to ensure your location is ready for a team of workers or thousands of attendees. We offer a range of portable toilets for rent in Edmonton, AB and the surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if you need one unit or multiple units, we have the capacity to provide all the rental options you need. Not to mention, we provide regular service of the toilets to ensure they are always clean and fresh for anyone who uses them. Contact our team of rental experts today to learn more about the options we provide.

Portable Toilet Rental in Edmonton, AB


It doesn’t matter if your event or project is big or small, we service them all!

Regular Maintenance

We’re always on call and offer regular maintenance including on-site pump out, full cleaning and restocking once per week.

Custom Service

Do you require unique scheduling for low or high volume units? We can create a custom service schedule for you.

24/7 Service

Emergencies happen. We offer 24/7 service for all types of emergencies (ie: fires, floods, weather, etc.)

Heated Service

FenceLine has two unique winter options, including an insulted R4 toilet with a small space heater, as well as an insulated R12 hard wall toilet with a 1250W baseboard heater.


Rental Toilets for Every Event

There are many occasions that call for the use of temporary toilets. Some locations simply aren’t equipped with this necessity, which means you have to find a viable portable option. The problem is, portable toilets get a bad reputation for being unpleasant and unsanitary. However, this doesn’t have to be true. FenceLine Rentals offers clean rental toilets for every event. You don’t have to worry about workers or guests complaining about the quality of our toilets. We ensure we provide our customers with only the best rental options at affordable prices, so everyone is happy. While every unit is stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we even offer rentable hand washing stations for the ultimate in outdoor luxury. If you’re planning an event, toilet rentals from FenceLine Rentals Ltd. are the right choice. We’ll even help you determine how many units you need with our portable toilet rental calculator. Our portable toilet rentals are the perfect option for:
· Construction sites, even high-rise projects
· Concerts
· Festivals
· Weddings
· Family Reunions

Stay Warm Even During Harsh Alberta Winters

Construction projects don’t halt just because winter arrives. You still have a deadline to meet, and now you’re facing the harsh elements of an Alberta winter. Keep your workers on track by providing them a safe and warm restroom option right on the job site. This ensures time isn’t wasted when workers leave the site for a bathroom break at the nearest gas station and provides your workers with a small place of refuge from the cold winter temps. FenceLine Rentals Ltd. offers two unique winter rental options. The most advanced version is our hard wall toilets, which are metal clad and outfitted with R12 insulation. They’re also each equipped with a forced-air heater controlled by a thermostat to allow for precise temperature control. The second option is our R4 insulated covers that fit snugly over the top of our standard toilets. This extra layer of insulation, as well as a small heater, ensure the unit stays warm and cozy even in the coldest temperatures.

The Cleanest Rental Toilets Available

When you’re hosting an event, you want your guests to feel comfortable, even when using the bathroom. For this reason, you can’t resort to subpar portable toilet options that are dirty or smelly. You need the freshest portable toilet rentals available in Edmonton, AB. Luckily FenceLine Rentals Ltd. has them. Our state-of-the-art rental options are outfitted with all the latest features for enhanced sanitation and convenience. We offer construction and event-grade options, ensuring your level of luxury is always met. No matter which option you choose, we’ll help you meet all health and safety standards required by the local regulations. Not to mention, our clean options will keep your employees and attendees happy!

Accessible Toilets by Fenceline Rentals

Contact Us Today About Rental Options

Planning an event or construction project is already stressful enough. Don’t add more unnecessary burden to your plate by worrying over toilet rental options. The answer for toilet rental in Edmonton, AB is clear. Choose FenceLine Rentals Ltd., and you won’t be disappointed. We cover job sites and events anywhere in Alberta and will provide maintenance services as often as you need, even working out customized cleaning schedules. Contact our team today to learn more about our rental options.